Make Repairs to Your Home Before the Warranty Expires

Schedule a warranty inspection in Port Charlotte, FL

Is your home warranty about to expire? You'll want to schedule a 4-point inspection so you can have repairs made while they're still covered. Get in touch with Home & Property Inspection Services in Port Charlotte, FL. We'll check your home for any issues and bring them to your attention so you can schedule repairs.

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What gets checked during a 4-point inspection?

When you schedule a 4-point inspection, we'll check the four key areas of your home where issues often arise. This means taking a look at your:

  • HVAC system, including the heating unit, AC unit and air vents
  • Electrical system, including outlets, light fixtures and the electrical panel
  • Plumbing system, including toilets, sinks and drains
  • Roof, including the shingles, flashing and chimney

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